Taking my bold stand for Texas as a RINO-hunter has brought in so much support from GOP colleagues I’ve worked alongside while fighting for our shared values!

I’m excited to announce that the following local GOP and national Republican advocates have endorsed my campaign to represent Texas’ 23rd Congressional District:

Brian Kanke, Medina County Precinct Chair
Congrad Striegl, Bandera County Chair
Howard Smilowitz, Bexar County Precinct Chair
Jeffrey Cerasano, Medina County Precinct Chair
Kyle Sims, Child Advocate
Seth Keshel, Fmr. Army Intelligence Captain, Election Integrity Advocate
Stan Hulse, Medina County Precinct Chair
Tom Lutz, Medina County Chair
Zac Rathbun, Bexar County Precinct Chair

Congrad Striegl shared the following endorsement statement:

“Ms. Julie Clark has my personal endorsement as the Bandera County Chair for CD 23.

I am so pleased that Ms. Clark has taken it upon herself to seek this office and there is no doubt that she will provide the representation to that district that has been lacking and will do an excellent job, not only for the voters of SD 23 but also the entire State of Texas.

I applaud and salute her efforts.”

Jeffrey Cerasano shared the following endorsement statement:

“This office endorses Mrs. Julie Clark as Texas District 23 Congressional Candidate for the Republican Party. Mrs. Clark is exactly the type of fighter needed to combat and correct the current state of lunacy created by Congressman, Mr. Tony Gonzales. In fact, under the leadership of Mrs. Clark, Congressman Gonzales was censured by the Republican Party of Texas Executive Committee with a vote of 57-5. She courageously led the way in rallying the party, both in her own county and across the state.

Mrs. Clark also has been persistent in calling out state party leadership when appropriate. This was apparent when she condemned the Texas establishment to enforce “No Democrat Chairs” in the 88th Texas Legislature, where our so-called leadership felt it was more important to appease donors and democrats alike. Again, with courage on display, she led a group of local republican leaders to the capital to make their voices heard.  

Locally, after she assumed her position as Medina County Chairman, Mrs. Clark immediately began reinvigorating local party leadership by tackling tough issues facing our communities. More specifically, Mrs. Clark and the Medina County Republicans have taken on voter integrity issues in the 2022 election, demanding the local government adhere to Texas State election law. Under her leadership, In God We Trust posters have been placed in all Medina County schools in accordance with the 2021 Texas State law. County wise, the party has been working with schools to remove inappropriate materials from libraries. Mrs. Clark also expanded the GoP brand in Medina County by manning booths at events and building alliances with Chambers of Commerce.

Mrs. Julie Clark is a fighter, a leader and uniter with solid conservative values. I have zero doubts in her ability to tackle the tough issues facing our country and to right the sinking ship that was created by her predecessors. We need her tenacity and drive to go after the uniparty and establishment RINOs that have sold our party out to K Street lobbyists and George Soros funded sell outs. Mrs. Clark belongs in Washington DC where she can make a REAL tangible difference.”

Seth Keshel shared the following endorsement statement:

“Julie Clark supports the America First agenda, from real election integrity solutions to economic reforms benefiting every citizen. She is the best choice for U.S. House Congressional District TX-23 and has my full endorsement.”

Zac Rathbun shared the following endorsement statement:

“I enthusiastically endorse Julie Clark in her bid for Congress in the Republican primary. As the Precinct Chairman for Republican Party of Bexar County Precinct 4097, I have had the pleasure of working with Julie on several occasions during my short tenure. I can confidently say that she is an outstanding leader and a true asset to our party.

When we have collaborated together, Julie has been incredibly responsive, always willing to hear my thoughts and provide guidance on how we can work together to advance our conservative values. She is a leader who understands the importance of collaboration and building relationships to achieve success.

Julie is no push-over slouch. She is a steadfast conservative firebrand who is committed to upholding our party’s values! Under her leadership as the Chairwoman of the Republican party of Medina County, the party has achieved great things, including the censure of incumbent Tony Gonzales for failing to uphold conservative values.

Julie’s communication skills are top-notch, and she has the ability to articulate her vision for the party clearly and concisely. She is a unifier who brings people together to work towards common goals. Her leadership has brought the Republican party of Medina County together, and I am confident that she will do the same for our party in Congress.

I urge you to join me in supporting Julie Clark in the Republican primary. She is a proven leader, a steadfast conservative, and a unifier who is committed to advancing our party’s values. Let’s send Julie to Congress, where she will fight tirelessly to represent our interests and uphold our conservative principles.”

I am deeply honored to receive these endorsements from my fellow GOP colleagues in Southwest Texas and the national support coming in from advocates who take a stand for our Republican values.

I’m grateful for the recognition that I am a unifier when it comes to the necessity of taking a stand and leading the charge on the critical issues that are impacting the families of Texas, and our nation, when our elected officials turn their back on us.

Now more than ever, Americans need leaders who fight relentlessly to protect our shared values of law and order, secure borders, free and fair elections, and fiscal responsibility with our taxpayer dollars. It will be my honor to be that fighter for Texas and our great nation when I serve in Congress.