Hondo, TX – Today, Julie Clark, Medina County Republican Chair, accomplished health industry leader, and small business owner announced her candidacy for Congress to represent Texas’ 23rd District. As Medina County Chair, Julie recently spearheaded an initiative to censure Rep. Tony Gonzales for failing to uphold Republican values, and being the only Republican to vote for Democratic Congressional rules.
Julie’s campaign launch video can be viewed here.

Julie shared the following statement: 

“Recently I was referred to as a RINO hunter, if that means I’m a person of action who will send a loud and clear message to our elected officials that we will no longer turn the other cheek or a blind eye to bad representation – then I own that title proudly. 

America is not a Constitutional Republic in name only, and our turbulent circumstances present a pressing dilemma – we must have politicians that faithfully take a stand against the DC Cartel that prioritizes power, the whims of lobbyists, and greed over the sworn duty of representing the people.

The disastrous consequences of failed politicians are everywhere around us. Woke ideologues have infiltrated our military and weakened our stance, an invasion is occurring at our southern border, and our current dependence on foreign oil and gas – is not only insulting, it’s downright dangerous. 

Our nation has been steadily brought to its knees, and all the while, the foundational rights of Americans have been under attack.

When elected, I will hold government officials to account for defending Texans’ rights and freedoms, while advancing our values so that we may reclaim the glory that was painstakingly achieved by previous generations.”


About Julie

A true Texan to the core, Julie and her husband Brian live on a ranch in Yancey, Texas where they raise and rescue animals. Julie is a mother who raised three children who have recently had children of their own, making her a loving grandmother.

For decades Julie was a top medical device representative, specializing in heart surgeries in South Texas. In addition, Julie owns a small business in Bandera, TX; working to grow and support the community.

Most recently Julie was elected as Medina County Republican Chair where she gained a reputation as a strong leader, not only in Medina County; but statewide and nationally. Julie is an avid supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and has helped the Republican Party uphold the Constitution in every instance she was called upon. Since becoming Medina Republican Party Chair, Medina County has been recognized for its strong organization and for holding Republicans to true conservative values.

Always a patriot, Julie grew up participating in the Daughters of the American Revolution as well as the Ancient and Honorable Artillery and Daughters of the Republic of Texas organizations.For more information, visit ClarkForCongress.com.